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Should I create a Bespoke Jewellery Design?

You inherited your great grandmother's necklace, if only it wasn't so gaudy. Your favourite lucky bracelet from a trip to Venice is lying in broken pieces at the bottom of your purse. You've shopped everywhere, but just haven't found THE one. We've got three words for you: Bespoke Jewellery Design. Whether you want to revitalise a piece of vintage heirloom jewellery, or create your very own one-of-a-kind piece, bespoke jewellery design is the answer, and you are at the right place! So what really happens when you venture into the magical world of infinite possibilities in jewellery design?

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Caring for your jewellery creations

Your FionaMCMdesign jewellery pieces are made with precious materials and utmost care. Depending on their properties, some crystals and metal components require specific care to preserve the beauty of your custom creation. Discover how to care for and preserve their beauty over time.

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