Should I create a Bespoke Jewellery Design?

Bespoke design feat. antique collector's coin

You inherited your great grandmother's necklace, if only it wasn't so gaudy. Your favourite lucky bracelet from a trip to Venice is lying in broken pieces at the bottom of your purse. You've shopped everywhere, but just haven't found THE one.

We've got three words for you: Bespoke Jewellery Design.

Whether you want to revitalise a piece of vintage heirloom jewellery, or create your very own one-of-a-kind piece, bespoke jewellery design is the answer, and you are at the right place!

So what really happens when you venture into the magical world of infinite possibilities in jewellery design?

Step One: Free Consultation

Your journey into creating a bespoke piece of jewellery starts with a free consultation about your ideas, backstory, and inspiration to be incorporated into the piece of jewellery. For instance, you may be attracted to a certain crystal type, or have a colour palette in mind. We will chat about your needs, discuss possibilities, and you will be quoted based on your design and choice of materials.

Step Two: Purchase Bespoke Service

After the consultation, purchase your selected service here to kickstart your unique jewellery design. Please note that the bespoke design fee is separate from your material cost. You will be given a custom link to purchase your materials based on the crystals and finishes you have chosen.

Step Three: Jewellery Design 

You will be involved in every stage of your jewellery design to provide feedback and critique about your bespoke piece. During the designing process, you will be sent a variation of images, drawings, and drafts for you to approve and provide opinions on. When you are happy with the final design, we will go ahead to create your finished one-of-a-kind keepsake.

How Much Does a Bespoke Piece Cost?

Design fees

Bespoke designing fees for your custom creations are fixed, and separate from the material costs of your custom design. Designing fees are to be purchased before your jewellery design begins. If your custom piece requires wire-wrapping, this is an add-on service as it requires additional labour hours to create, before your actual bespoke creation can start. Design fees are available here.

For instance if you are looking to repurpose your great-grandmother's necklaces into a pair of earrings, it is likely that the crystals/pendants will need to be wire-wrapped with a bail, so that it can be strung on the pair of earrings. This wire-wrapping will be need to be done first, before the earring design commences. Hence in this case, you would purchase a bespoke earring creation, as well as a wire-wrapping service.

Material cost

We work with a wide range of crystals and findings. Depending on your choice of crystals and finishings, costs can range upwards of $100. Precious metals may incur a lead time of up to three weeks as they are made to order. Generally, you will be given an estimated cost during your consultation and we will work within your budget as closely as we can. 

How Long Does it Take for my Bespoke Piece to be Ready?

Depending on the complexity of your piece and the number of custom creations ahead of your order, bespoke creations can take between three to seven weeks to be ready. If you have a special order for precious metals, this will add another three weeks to your timeline. We will discuss timelines during your free consultation so there are no surprises. If there is a specific date you have in mind, we will expedite our work to give you a more accurate completion time.

Custom Designed Jewellery vs. Machine Made

Manufactured jewellery is designed to please everyone, and it may not be to your individual taste. Even rare luxury designs can be reproduced by the thousands. Are you just like thousands of people? Are you planning to pass on your jewellery to future generations? Custom designed jewellery is made to reflect your taste, passion and experiences. The quality shines in the intricacy of workmanship, and offers a perfectly imperfect human touch as with all handmade, artisanal pieces. 

Is It Worth It?

Absolutely! Bespoke Jewellery is unique and a one-of-a-kind keepsake that you can pass on to your future generations. Made from your favourite crystals, colours and findings, the finished design is uniquely you, and there is none like it in the world. Bespoke creations can even cost less than manufactured ones, especially if you are providing the materials to be repurposed, such as a family heirloom.

Start Your Bespoke Creation Today!

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