Bracelet size

How to measure your Bracelet Size+ Measure your wrist circumference with a measuring tape held flush to where you'll wear your bracelet.

+ Add 0.25 inch (for a tight fit) to 0.5 inch (for a loose fit) to your measurement. The final figure is your bracelet size.

+ Please ensure that your bracelet measurement is correct before placing your order.

+ Additional charges for bracelet re-sizing will apply once your bracelet has been made/mailed to you. This service is available under "Custom Services" in our shop menu.

Necklace guide

To ascertain your necklace length, the following graphic serves as a guide. Or if you have a favourite necklace, measure that instead.

Necklace Length Guide



Spotted something you love, but perhaps would like a mini customisation/tweak?

For up to two minor alterations to ready-made items (for instance: adding charms, changing colours or swapping (up to two) gemstones):

+ Purchase this service under "Custom Services" together with your chosen bracelet design

+ Please write your custom request in your checkout memo. If your request is unavailable/unsuitable for this service, we will contact you to discuss.

+ The final price of your item(s) may change depending on what you would like to be customised. For instance, if you would like a material upgrade (e.g.: stainless steel necklace to 14k gold-fill), please write to me for a quote before purchasing this service.

+ Each custom service is valid for up to two mini alterations. For up to four alterations, simply purchase this service twice.

+ To create an entirely new design, or for more than four alterations to a ready-made design, kindly purchase "Bespoke Creation" instead.


Bespoke Creations

If you have a special occasion that you wish to commemorate with a piece of jewellery, or simply desire something unique, we offer a Bespoke Jewellery Service. 

This custom service is for one bespoke design created exclusively for you. It is a wonderful way to create a jewellery design for a loved one which has beautiful sentiment.

+ Upon purchasing this, we will be in touch to discuss your requirements. Do feel free to chat via our shop messenger to ask any questions before purchasing.

+ Your bespoke design will start after you purchase this service. Photos/drafts/drawings will be shared throughout the process to get your feedback. We want you to be absolutely happy with your unique creation!

+ Design fees are non-refundable.

+ Jewellery cost is additional. The final quote will depend on the materials used in your custom design.

+ Depending on the intricacy of the piece, bespoke designs may take up to three weeks to create

 + Precious metals are made-to-order, and there will be additional lead time for ordering these materials.


Care advice

Care adviceWe recommend keeping your jewellery dry. Gently clean your pieces with a dry, soft cloth and store in a fabric-lined case to prevent them from being knocked about or scratched.

While we make your jewellery to last, many of our raw materials are naturally sensitive to moisture/humidity and may tarnish when exposed to water or chemicals such as perfume or soap. Additionally, some crystals and stones are fragile by nature, so please be gentle with your treasures!

Our elastic bracelets are made with strong cords and triple-knotted with glue. While they are built to last, please roll them on/off your wrist instead of pulling them apart.

In the event that your bracelet elastic snaps within a year of your purchase, I am happy to re-string them for free if you cover postage costs.

Check out our Discovery articles (located at the bottom of the homepage) for more tips on how to care for your jewellery!


Will my jewellery tarnish?

Here at FionaMCMdesigns, we love spreading crystal joy by creating whimsical jewellery pieces to make you smile. If your custom creation does not contain any metal components, you have absolutely nothing to worry about!

935 Argentium Silver, Niobium, 14k Gold-Fill and Stainless Steel

For premium creations containing metal components, we use tarnish-resistant materials such as 935 Argentium Silver, Niobium, 14k gold-fill, and Stainless Steel. These materials are prized at a premium due to their excellent durability, especially in humid environments. With proper care and maintenance (more details in Care Advice above), your custom creations will sparkle for you for a long time! 

Brass, Copper and 925 Sterling Silver

On the other hand, all pure brass, copper and 925 Sterling Silver components will naturally oxidise over time and develop a darker, antique patina. Have you ever left Sterling Silver out and noticed it becoming a darker tone? That's due to the metal reacting to moisture and sulfur in the air. This patina adds depth of character and a unique antiquity to the texture, hence enhancing its visual aesthetics. Should you prefer its original shine, it can otherwise be easily restored by polishing with a jewellery cloth.

Plated metals and Alloys

These materials are used as alternatives to create a similar look and style to fine jewellery while being more affordable. 

The truth is, with the exception of fine jewellery made from pure gold or other precious metals, ALL plated jewellery pieces are capable of tarnishing.


It's simple - over time, your jewellery comes in contact with moisture, acids, oils and air. They react with the metal in the jewellery, causing it to eventually wear down and tarnish. Even vermeil and 18k gold-plated jewellery are not resistant to tarnishing. They will eventually show signs of wear, but are likely to hold up better than fashion jewellery not plated this way. Here at FionaMCMdesigns, our gold-plated pieces are dipped in 18k gold to extend the life of our creations.

How quickly jewellery tarnishes depends on a number of factors - the way you care for them, your skin composition, the air/humidity around you and the processes and materials used to make them.

One last tip!

Should you prefer, your jewellery piece can be customised without metal components - simply add on a custom/bespoke service (to be purchased separately) to your jewellery order.


Gift wrapping and packaging

Your jewellery will be sent in a soft flannel bag with our shop logo and tied with a bow. I am happy to include any gift messaging you'd like.


Processing time

Approximately 1 to 3 business days.
Your item is handmade specially for you and processing time varies, depending on the intricacy of the piece. I work hard to expedite your order while maintaining the highest quality control.

If you are planning a gift for a certain stipulated date, please message me beforehand or leave a note in your checkout memo. Thank you for your patience!



Please ensure your shipping address is CORRECT on your order.

If your order has been shipped to an incorrect address, we cannot retrieve it once it is mailed. If your order is returned due to an incorrect address, you are responsible for purchasing shipping again to resend.

I ship from Singapore, via SingPost with tracking information.

Domestic orders:
Free delivery (for purchases above $100) to your letterbox. Estimated 2 working days.

International orders:
Delivery is via Registered Mail and takes approx. 6 to 14 working days.

Please expect a postal delay of up to 10 working days during busy festive periods such as Christmas. If you are planning a gift and would like it before a certain date, kindly leave a note in your checkout or message me beforehand. I always love to hear from our customers!


Lost parcel

If your order has been marked as delivered but you have not received it, please follow the steps below.
+ Check with neighbors to see if the package was left with them either on purpose or by accident
+ Check with family members – it is common for somebody else in the household to collect the parcel and put it somewhere out of sight
+ Check the back door, side door, etc.
+ Check with manager's office, condo sales office, security desk, doorman, etc.
+ Check if the package is being held at the post office
+ Ask the delivery postal worker where he/she left the package
+ Take the receipt and tracking number to your local post office - they can use their GPS to see where the package was delivered


Returns & exchanges

We do not accept returns or exchanges after the item(s) have been dispatched. If you wish to cancel an order, please contact us immediately.

In cases of severe damage during the shipping process – we accept returns with a 100% refund on the item. You will be required to provide photos of the damaged goods within a maximum of 3 days after tracking has confirmed delivery to your location. At this point, we will provide you an address to which you can send the damaged item, and your refund will be processed after we receive the item. Please note that damage claims after the 3-day maximum will not be accepted.


Customs fees, VAT and import taxes

It is the buyer's responsibility to ensure that the import and export requirements of your country have been met. The buyer is responsible for any customs tax, fees, or charges that can occur - you can contact your country's customs department (prior to ordering) to find out what these fees are.

Customs charges are essentially a tax imposed by each country's government for the import of goods. It is not our responsibility to pay the fee since we are not residents of that country. Any claims to hold us accountable for customs fees will be denied immediately. If the buyer refuses the parcel for any reason, a refund will not be issued.

We are legally required to declare the actual value of goods - due to tax and insurance reasons.



Gems and crystals are natural products and may vary in size, shape and colour. Their look may differ from the images depicted in this website.

Any information on the effect of crystals and gems on the body is intuitive in nature, collated from my favourite crystal books/online sources, and not scientifically verified. We cannot guarantee results with any gem or crystal. You should never substitute gems or crystals for professional medical treatment when diagnosed for any condition.

While we truly believe in the healing power of stones and crystals, we have to state this as a form of liability. We do always wish you lots of love, peace and light.

Thank you for sharing our love of crystals and their awesome vibes!


Sustainability initiative

Every sale you make plants a tree! That's right, we work with non-profit organisation One Tree Planted on reforestation efforts around the world. More details on this environmental project to be found here