Water Elemental Gemstone Bracelets 

These ocean-hued creations have been made with Water crystals to connect you with the Water element that symbolises wisdom, peace and adaptability.

The Water element is considered to be the strongest of the elements because water can move around any obstacle, change state from liquid to ice or steam. Above all, water gives life to all living things on Earth. Water is in constant motion, with most of its activity below the surface. Similarly, people associated with the Water element may appear calm and balanced on the outside, while a storm of thoughts and emotions swirl on the inside. 

Excellent bracelet for meditation. 

They are also perfect zodiac bracelets for the Water signs Pieces, Cancer and Scorpio.

In Chinese Astrology:

This elemental charm bracelets simulate the element of Water to attract powerful income flow and career advancement. It is ideal for ambitious career professionals who wish for greater authority. The Water element signifies the winter season and naturally strengthens the two Water signs of the zodiac: the Pig and the Rat.

This Water Elemental bracelet is excellent for strengthening the personal luck of people with the following elements: Weak Water, Weak Earth, Strong Water or Strong Metal. It balances the charts of those whose readings are missing Water elements. For those with Earth elements, wearing this bracelet activates the luck of prosperity associated with investments and the stock market.