About Me

Hello Gorgeous! Thanks for stopping by, it is lovely to meet you!

Hello you :)

It all started with a chance encounter at an outdoor farmers' market.

At the time, I was enchanted by a sparkly rock and marvelled at how prettily it twinkled in the sun. It looked like a little crystal hedgehog with such dreamy and ethereal vibes. I later found out it was an angel aura druzy. Happily adopting it, I fell into the rabbit hole of wonder and amazement that is the world of crystals and gemstones.

I love gemstone jewellery and how they feel when I wear them, or gaze upon them at random spots of my day. Have you ever tried meditating with selenite? Try having a selenite palm stone in your left hand - the coolness of the selenite evokes peace, and its slightly grainy exterior keeps you grounded in the here and now. I have so many favourites but if I had to pick one it would absolutely be a druzy crystal variety!

Zooming into a druzyA druzy is a set of tiny crystals from minerals that form on the surface of another stone, and takes millions of years to form. There are many types of druzies, because there are many types of minerals. No matter what mineral forms the druzy, the overall appearance usually resembles that of sugar.

The tiny crystals are absolutely beautiful because, like large gemstones, they glitter and catch rays of light.

Just like how the angel aura druzy caught my eye in the farmers' market years ago.

In my element

Crystals are such a precious gift from Mother Nature to us. Most of them take millions of years to form (isn't that amazing?!) and every single piece is different and truly one-of-a-kind. It is my fondest wish to share my love for gemstone jewellery with all of you around the world. Each piece of jewellery you see here is handmade with lots of love and care. A lover of animals, nature and bright colours, you will find plenty of such influences in my jewellery design.

It is important for me to recycle/reuse and give back to Mother Earth as much as I can. Thus, most of the packing materials I use are recycled and your parcel could present slightly different each time.

As part of my reforestation initiative, I contribute a portion of sales towards planting trees around the world. More information is available here.

Every sale plants one tree.

Thank you for sharing my love for crystals and helping me to plant trees all over the world!