Earth Elemental Gemstone Bracelets

The Earth element soothes our soul and body with its grounding vibrations, that restore balance in the human body and thereby increase its vital force. Earth energy helps us find our way to other people and improve relationships with our loved ones. Above all, it also teaches us to notice and rejoice in everyday things, and thus focus on the power of the present moment.

Excellent bracelet for meditation. They are also perfect zodiac bracelets for the Earth signs Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn.

In Chinese Astrology: This Earth Elemental Bracelet creates stability of the mind, and increases wisdom and knowledge. It is suitable for school-going children and those starting out in their careers. It is also excellent for strengthening the luck of the four earth signs – the Dragon, Sheep, Dog and Ox. Wearing crystals that simulate Earth energy keeps you grounded, calm and firm at times of adversity.

This Earth Elemental bracelet is excellent for strengthening the personal luck of those with the following elements: Weak Metal, Weak Earth, Strong Water or Strong Fire. It balances the charts of those whose readings are missing Earth elements.