Caring for your jewellery creations

Fiona MCM Designs

Your jewellery pieces are made with precious materials and utmost care. Crystals are organic and each is uniquely formed in nature with their individual characteristics - hence making each piece slightly different and one-of-a-kind.

Depending on their properties, crystals will require specific care to preserve the beauty of your custom creation. To ensure longevity over time, we recommend the following care advice.

Daily Wear

Your crystal creation is delicate and requires special care and attention. To prevent damage to your piece, we recommend avoiding exposure to chemicals (such as perfume, soap, cosmetics, lotions or sunblock) as these could affect its colour and texture. It is best to wear your jewellery only after perfume and lotions have dried completely.

It is important not to expose your creation to water (fresh, chlorinated or salt), extensive humidity or high temperatures (such as prolonged sun exposure).

We also recommend that you do not wear your jewellery during activities such as sports, gardening or saunas, to prevent it from being knocked about or coming into contact with harmful substances.


To keep your custom creation gleaming, we recommend carefully cleaning it with a soft, dry cloth after each wear, to prevent accumulated dirt and sweat from tarnishing the pieces. This method can be applied across all of our jewellery creations without any risk of damage.

Your crystal pieces can be cleansed by smudging, and then charged by laying overnight on a selenite bar/bowl, or under a full moon. Some crystals are ok to be cleansed with water (such as crystals in the quartz family) while others have to be kept away from water (such as malachite, selenite, and generally any crystals ending with -ite). We recommend that you research thoroughly before subjecting your crystal to sunlight or water, as these methods are known to alter the brilliance and colours of certain crystal types.


Each of your custom creations should be stored in a fabric-lined jewellery case (or in your FionaMCMdesigns fabric bag) separate from other pieces to prevent it from being knocked about or scratched. For certain creations containing metal components, we recommend that you store them in airtight compartments to delay oxidation, especially if you live in a tropical, humid climate.

Some crystals are softer and more fragile in nature, which means that they can be scratched by harder materials such as diamonds. They should be stored separately to prevent damage.


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