Chakra Healing

Balancing chakras is at the heart of crystal healing. Chakra jewellery made with Mother Earth's natural gemstones is known to benefit each of your seven chakras - also known as the energy centers of the human body. Each gemstone charges and supports a specific chakra, based on their colour and attunement. When you wear all seven chakra crystals, each of your chakra receives equal energy charge, which keeps them balanced.

Crown Chakra (Purple) - Just above head 

Integration | Sense of belonging | Spiritual ease 

Third Eye Chakra ( Indigo) - Center of Forehead 

Sight | Comprehension | Sense of perspective | Vision | Intuition

Throat Chakra (Light Blue) - Base of Throat

Communication | Self- Expression | Peace | Understanding 

Heart Chakra (Green) - Center of Chest 

Relationships | Balance | Growth | Space | Love | Calmness 

Solar Plexus Chakra (Yellow) - Between Navel & Diaphragm 

Personal Power | Control | Understanding | Digestion | Confidence

Sacral Chakra (Orange) - Below Navel

Creativity | Sensation | Pleasure | Enjoyment | Sensuality

Root Chakra (Red) -  Base of Spine 

Career | Money | Mindset