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Boss Babe

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This stunning gemstone bracelet is made from premium 8mm crystals that just engulf you in sunny, protective and abundant energy. It feels like a metaphysical big, warm hug!

I designed this with two wealth crystals in mind for all my boss babes - Pyrite and Citrine; and then added Angel Aura Quartz for an added kick of manifestation and joy.

If you're feeling like you need a boost of happiness and abundance, this beauty could be just what you're looking for!

Custom made for you in your size and preferred charm.

**Please let me know in your checkout memo if you'd like a different charm (view last photo), otherwise the Moon Goddess charm will be chosen for you**

Gemstones used:

Pyrite, Citrine, Angel Aura Quartz

**We want you to be absolutely happy with your bracelet fit! Please ensure you measure your wrist and choose your exact size in the dropdown menu above. Additional resizing fees apply after your bracelet has been made/sent.**

Your bracelet size: Measure with measuring tape held flush against your wrist, then add 1/4 to 1/2inch (for comfort). Need more help? Click on our FAQs here.

+Wealth +Success +Protection
Often referred to as “Fool’s Gold” for its resemblance to real gold, Pyrite is a metaphysical treasure. In addition to attracting wealth and abundance, it’s believed to hold a strong protective energy. The reflective nature of pyrite is more than just physical. It has the ability to show you the behaviors holding you back, while making you more aware of what you need to change in order to vibrate the intention of abundance on the same frequency as pyrite.

+Happiness +Light +Joy
Derived from the French word “citron” meaning lemon, this crystal's vibe is anything but sour! Sweet is the essence of this gem. Its sunny attitude cultivates energy that is fertile for growth. It energizes the solar plexus chakra to radiate power, centeredness, confidence and endurance. Citrine is one of few stones that, rather than absorbing negative energy, clears it. It makes room for happiness and light so the spirit is open to positive possibilities.

Angel Aura Quartz
+Happiness +Beauty +Joy
Clear Quartz bonded with Platinum and Silver, sometimes Gold or other trace metals; exhibits a light blue, rainbow and silvery iridescence like the gossamer wings of angels. It carries a very loving and sweet energy, stimulating the spirit and elevating one’s mood. When you hold Angel Aura Quartz, you feel an immediate rush of joyful, rejuvenating energy. Holding it close to your heart lifts your mood, helping you to embrace a more optimistic attitude. This not only attracts more people toward you, it blesses you with an energy that draws in opportunities as well. Angel Aura Quartz is very powerful to meditate with, as it connects you with the angelic realm to receive help from one’s angel guides. 

Each gemstone used in your jewellery is unique due to its organic development in nature. This makes your treasure one-of-a-kind and special! Your crystal could display naturally occurring traits such as bubbling, fissures or other beautiful features. This should not be considered flaws but are instead what makes the crystal special.

Customer Reviews

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This is my xxxxx time purchase from FionaMCMdesigns, today I received the customized bracelet based on this design.
Words can’t describe how pretty and shining of this piece.
I would like to share my review;
1) Top grade Crystals selected by seller, the quality of the crystals are really good and different with those selling from outside 🙄, you can see the clarity and color from each crystal;
2) Nice Design, it’s pretty!!! Fiona has creative ideas for designing the bracelet, she made the bracket fashionable and chic, can wear for all occasions, match with office outfits, or casual clothes;
3) I feel the positive aura around me, this is the seller and her crystals bring to me the most; I believe good ppl will make good stuffs, she shows great passion and patience for making every piece, fast response and delivery, yes made from love, I’m sure all buyers feel her love ❤️;
4) The price is REALLY reasonable! Please see the quality and design.

Overall it’s very pleasant experience with my purchase, I’m going to order again!
Thank you Fiona! ❤️