Ruby Pumpkin
Ruby Pumpkin
Ruby Pumpkin
Ruby Pumpkin
Ruby Pumpkin

Ruby Pumpkin

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Made of natural Corundum crystal, this magical pumpkin is hand-carved and would make the perfect unique addition to your crystal collectibles!

Approximately: 270-290g, 6cm x 6cm

Corundum is best known for its gemstone varieties - Ruby & Sapphire which are scientifically the same mineral, just different in color. 

Sometimes called the Wisdom Stone, Corundum focuses & calms your mind, releasing unwanted thoughts & mental tension. Its other metaphysical properties include 

  • brings peace of mind & serenity
  • aligns the physical, mental & spiritual planes, restoring balance within your body
  • releases depression & spiritual confusion
  • stimulates concentration & helps you to focus
  • brings prosperity & attracts gifts of all kinds
  • releases frustrations
  • opens & heals your Throat Chakra & thyroid
  • helps you to express yourself & speak your own truth
  • calms overactive body systems & regulates glands
  • heals the eyes
  • treats blood disorders, strengthens veins & improves their elasticity
  • traditionally associated with love & purity, extremely effective for Mother Earth & Chakra healing
  • helps you to stay on a spiritual path
  • used in shamanic ceremonies to transmute negative energies 

Due to their organic nature, some crystals may have slight imperfections or blemishes - this is completely normal and to be considered as part of its unique characteristics.

These are stock pictures - you will receive a similar pumpkin intuitively selected for you. They are all unique and gorgeous!