Aura Amethyst Heart

Aura Amethyst Heart

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This listing is for one gorgeous Angel Aura Amethyst cluster.

These rainbow babies look even more gorgeous in person, and especially under natural sunlight! Each piece is unique with their very own character and quirks - you will receive this exact piece.

Approximately 103g, 2.25in x 1.8in

Traditionally associated with:





+Clearing blockages

+Chakra: Crown & Third Eye

+Zodiac: Aquarius

Please keep in mind that crystals are fragile in nature and will exhibit their unique markings and slight imperfections due to its organic nature. Even in a pair of earrings, no two crystals will be exactly alike. Think of them as cousins, and not identical twins!

These sweet rainbow sparklers are lovingly cleansed with sage and a Tibetan singing bowl before being securely wrapped in recycled paper/bubble-wrap and sent to you.